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Plasma Steriliser from Faraday Ozone

OZOCLAVE works on the principle of ozone plasma based on low-temperature sterilization. It helps to sterilize heat and moisture sensitive medical devices.

Green Solutions

Micrprocessor based operaiton to perform functions of oxygen concentrator that accepts digital signals as the input source and processes.

Ease of Maintenance

We use oil-free air compressors to achieve highest air purity standards. It is less expensive, light weight, faster start, less noise.

Lower Power

Pressure sensor is used to detect inhalation, which then controls the regulator. It detect the low flow rate of breathing.

Smart Display

There are 3 air filtres – Primary air filter, Hepa filter and Bacterial filter. To produce oxygen, concentrator draws in ambient air through filtration process.

Sterilize Heat and Moisture Sensitive Medical Devices

with our OZOCLAVE – Plasma Sterilizer

OZOCLAVE is affordable, easy to use steriliser for infection protection and sterilization of small instruments. OZOCLAVE helps you to sterilize and disinfect laboratory tools, personal items and personal protective equipment. The OZOCLAVE utilizes anti-microbial properties of ozone to kill 99.7% of 650 types of pathogenic organisms in less than 15 minutes at ambient temperature.

Ozone sterilization is a process based on the ozone injection in a sterilization chamber at an ambient temperature. Ozone sterilization is safe and fast, and also an economical alternative to low-temperature sterilization. Faraday Ozone makes no claims and offers no guarantees of any kind that OZOCLAVE cycle(s) will eliminate 100% of all contaminants under all possible circumstances.

How Ozoclave Works?

An ozone sterilizer is able to harness the unique powers of ozone by producing it inside the sterilizer from the ambient air, by applying electrical energy to combine O2 with O to form O3. This capability is well-suited for sterilizing delicate medical devices, like endoscopes, that cannot withstand the high heat and humidity of standard steam autoclaving. Approved by the FDA in 2003 as a new sterilization process for low-temperature sterilization, its microbial efficacy has been proven with a variety of microorganisms, including the most resistant Geobacillus stearothermophilus, (which is often the bacterium of choice for biological indicators).

Output between 70 – 96% purity

Breathe Fresh Air Naturally

Fast Sterilization

Plasma sterilization cycles are generally faster compared to other low-temperature sterilization methods like ethylene oxide (EtO)

Effective Sterilization

Plasma sterilization is highly effective in eliminating a wide range of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores.

Low Toxicity

Plasma sterilization processes have lower toxicity compared to some other chemical sterilization methods, enhancing safety for both patients and healthcare workers.

Quality Assurance

Many plasma sterilizers are equipped with monitoring and documentation systems that provide detailed information on the sterilization process, ensuring quality control


They offer flexibility in terms of the types of items that can be sterilized, making them suitable for a variety of healthcare and research applications.

Minimal Residue

The process leaves minimal residue, and any residue left behind is typically non-toxic and easily removed during aeration, ensuring that sterilized items are safe for use.

Technical Specifications

Electrical Rating230 V AC, 50 Hz, 18 Watts
TechnologyOzone – Corona Discharge
Dimension (L x W x H)513 x 403 x 502 mm
Weight12 Kg
Warrenty1 year

Frequently Asked Questions

Ozone is safe when it is used in a proper method. Our Room Air Sterilizer dozes the required amount of ozone at perfect intervals to sterile the indoor air. However, high concentrations of ozone can cause health problems if proper safety measures are not taken.

The normal air purifiers trap the pollutants in the filter which has to be monitored, cleaned and changed frequently. But our Room Air Purifier releases ozone gas to kill the pollutants & eliminates the odor. No costly filters involved to replace, no technical skill is required and it is easy to operate.

Obviously not, since the ozone has less amount of shelf life and it turns back into oxygen soon after the oxidation process, thus makes the air sterile to breath.

Ozone air Purifier is designed to create ozone through a simple process. The Room Air Purifier is capable of removing bacteria, viruses, molds, mildew, spores, and cysts.

Ozone is recommended for purification by US FDA (Food and Drug Administration), WHO (World Health Organisation) and OSHA (Occupational safety and Health Administration).

Room Air Purifier is completely maintenance-free machine which has the life expectancy of over 5+ years.

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