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Ozone Destructor

The OD-series Ozone Destructor convert ozone gas into oxygen before releasing in the atmosphere. It works on the catalytic reaction where MnO2 is used as a catalyst and eliminate the need for complicated method. 

Integration Flexibility

Certain destructors integrate with ozone generators and treatment systems for versatile application.

Compact Design

Many models have a compact and space-saving design, making them suitable for integration into existing systems or facilities.

Energy Efficiency

They are designed to operate efficiently, minimizing energy consumption during the ozone destruction process.

Easy Installation

Many ozone destructors are designed for easy installation and integration into existing ozone-generating systems.

Operating Principle of Custom Indoor Air Quality Detection

Un-dissolved ozone gaseous from the application is connected at the bottom of the ozone destructor, where any moisture in the ozone gas is evaporated using heater. Once moisture in the gas is evaporated, dry ozone passes ahead and reacts with the manganese dioxide and gets converted into oxygen and released in the atmosphere.

Product Overview

The OD-series Ozone Destructor is the most economical and efficient method for destroying excess ozone gas after the reaction process. It guarantee to achieve 99.9% destruct efficiency for concentrations up to 50 ppm. The OD-series Ozone Destructor, made of high-grade aluminum and stainless steel, efficiently converts excess ozone into oxygen before venting into the atmosphere. It utilizes an MnO2 catalyst for long-lasting ozone decomposition.

  • Safe way to destruct any excess ozone
  • Economical technique in destroying un-dissolved ozone
  • Easy to install on a new or existing ozone systems
  • Best catalyst to convert ozone into oxygen faster
  • High performance with lower price
High performance and easy to install

Unlocking the Advantages of Ozone Destructor

Temperature Control

Some destructors incorporate temperature control features to optimize ozone decomposition and prevent overheating.

Safety Features

Ozone destructors often include safety mechanisms to shut down the unit in case of malfunctions or hazardous conditions.


Certain models offer scalability options to accommodate different ozone volumes or concentrations.

High Efficiency

Ozone destructors efficiently convert ozone to oxygen, minimizing ozone emissions.

Choose your Destructor


Safely convert excess ozone into oxygen through a thermal catalytic reaction and eliminate the need for complicated method.


Safely convert excess ozone into oxygen through a thermal catalytic reaction and eliminate the need for complicated method.


Safely convert excess ozone into oxygen through a thermal catalytic reaction and eliminate the need for complicated method.

Technical Specifications

Input Power230 V AC 50 Hz230 V AC 50 Hz230 V AC 50 Hz230 V AC 50 Hz
Power Consumption60 Watts80 Watts100 Watts200 Watts
Maximum Flow Rate1.76 CFM10 CFM20 CFM30 CFM
Inlet / Outlet ConnectionsFerrule fitting1/2″ BSP1/2″ BSP1/2″ BSP
Compatible TubingTeflon/SS316Teflon/SS316Teflon/SS316Teflon/SS316
Humidity Range0 – 100%0 – 100%0 – 100%0 – 100%
Operation ModesContinuousContinuousContinuousContinuous
Pressure Drop0.1 bar0.1 bar0.1 bar0.1 bar
Material of ConstructionAluminiumSS304/316SS304/316SS304/316
Dimension (DxH)76 x 830 mm101 x 355 mm101 x 355 mm101 x 355 mm
Weight8 kg20 kg30 kg40 kg

Frequently Asked Questions

Ozone is harmful to materials like metals, plastics, and rubber. OSHA mandates safe exposure limits, and ozone discharge may be regulated

The catalyst is known as a hopcalite-type of catalyst whose primary constituents are manganese dioxide. The material is not toxic or dangerous and can be easily disposed.

Only maintenance is to replace catalyst depends upon the contaminates and overall use. Our recommendation is to replace catalyst once in a year to ensure continuous and reliable ozone destruction.

Ozone gas is passed through ozone destructor of manganese dioxide which catalytically converts the ozone back to oxygen gas.

Undissolved ozone from applications can be wet or dry. To maintain catalyst effectiveness, it must stay dry or be replaced.

Warranty of ozone destructor is 1 year.

Product Certifications
got iso certification
got more patent certification
got dsir recognized certification
member of eu certification
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