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Like the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breath has higher impact on our health.

Green Solutions

Micrprocessor based operaiton to perform functions of oxygen concentrator that accepts digital signals as the input source and processes.

Ease of Maintenance

We use oil-free air compressors to achieve highest air purity standards. It is less expensive, light weight, faster start, less noise.

Lower Power Consumption

Pressure sensor is used to detect inhalation, which then controls the regulator. It detect the low flow rate of breathing.

Smart Display

There are 3 air filtres – Primary air filter, Hepa filter and Bacterial filter. To produce oxygen, concentrator draws in ambient air through filtration process.

Automatically Sanitize your Toilet room every time.

with our Hygiene Air Sanitizer

Hygiene Air Sanitizer is the only device which automatically sanitize your toilet room every time. It kills germs, molds and odour causing bacteria that can grow inside your toilet using ozone which is 3000 times stronger than bleach, 1000 times faster than any other disinfectant on the market, and completely safe for the environment.

The Faraday Ozone Hygiene Air Sanitizer Machine is specifically designed to maintain superior air quality in toilet environments. Utilizing advanced ozone technology, this device ensures that your toilet remains free from harmful microorganisms and unpleasant odors, providing a fresh and hygienic atmosphere.

Output between 70 – 96% purity

Breathe Fresh Air Naturally

Smart Display

Display shows oxygen purity, flow and cumulative hours of operation in digital format for easy understanding

360° Purification

Visual and Audio alarm while the oxygen purity goes very low level for safety protection

Effective Performance

Filters to capture VOCs, odours, large and small as 0.3 microns of dust, germs, bacteria and any particles

Green Solutions

Durable metal cannula connector works for longetivity, never break and provides perfect oxygen output

Timer operated

Material design is rigid, long life, easy handing, light weight, less breakable, safe and easy to use enclosure

Lower Power Consumption

Consumes very less electricity and produces less heat compared to other brands in the market

Technical Specifications

MachineHygiene air sanitizer
Input Power12 V DC 5%
Operating Temperature33 – 50 degree Celsius
Power Consumption8 W
ConstructionHigh grade SS304 Electrode
DielectricQuartz glass
Generation methodCorona
Supply gasAmbient Air
ControlAutomated Timer Operation
Dimension (L x W x H)182 x 50 x 172 mm
Weight1.1 Kg

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ozone Safe ?

Ozone is safe when it is used in a proper method. Our Room Air Sterilizer dozes the required amount of ozone at perfect intervals to sterile the indoor air. However, high concentrations of ozone can cause health problems if proper safety measures are not taken.

Is there a risk of over-exposure to ozone from the machine?

The Faraday Ozone Hygiene Air Sanitizer is engineered to maintain safe levels of ozone production. Built-in sensors and safety mechanisms ensure that ozone levels do not exceed safe limits. The machine’s design prioritizes user safety and environmental health.

Does the ozone smell remains?

Obviously not, since the ozone has less amount of shelf life and it turns back into oxygen soon after the oxidation process, thus makes the air sterile to breath.

Is the ozone produced by the machine safe for use in toilets?

Yes, the Faraday Ozone Hygiene Air Sanitizer is designed to maintain safe ozone levels. The device ensures that the concentration of ozone is effective in purifying the air while remaining within safe limits for human exposure. Additionally, any residual ozone is quickly converted back to oxygen.

Do you have any certifications to use ozone for purification ?

Ozone is recommended for purification by US FDA (Food and Drug Administration), WHO (World Health Organisation) and OSHA (Occupational safety and Health Administration).

Does it require any maintenance over a period of time ?

Hygiene ir sanitizer is completely maintenance-free machine which has the life expectancy of over 5+ years.

Can be Used in Various Applications

Our Room Air Purifier can safely be used in the occupied rooms like any Waiting Halls in Hospital, Public Places, Gym, Cafeteria, Theatre, Hotel Corridors, Super Markets, Meat & Fish Shops to maintain the good air quality.

Ideal for

Patient’s Waiting Hall

Indoor air quality is very much important in Hospital Waiting Hall. Scientific Study reveals that 7/10 patients are prone to get infected from the Hospital borne viruses and bacterial contamination present in the air. Our Room Air Purifier sterile the air by neutralizing the viruses and bacterial contamination and remove the bad odour.

Ideal for


Body sweat odour & microbial load is very high in the Gym due to heavy exercises. Our Room Air Purifier through activated oxygen technology ensures proper air quality in Gym and thus allows multiple people to do workout in Gym.

Ideal for

Hotel Corridor

Due to lack of natural ventilation in the Hotel corridor, some kind of dampness or unpleasant smell is produced causing discomfort to the Guests and Visitors. Our Room Air Purifier through oxygen technology penetrates into the fabric and eliminates the dampness, bad odour and cross contamination between the rooms

Ideal for

Cafeteria / Food Court

Usually in the Centralized Air conditioned Cafeteria / Food Court, the food odour will be very high and strong. Our Room Air Purifier eliminates the bad odour and neutralizes the bacterial contamination and ensure proper air quality.

Ideal for

Meat / Fish Shop

Room Air Purifier is very effective in the places like Meat & Fish Shop where the bad odour and bacteria contamination is very high in the air. It eliminates the bad odour, germs, viruses & microbial contaminants in the air and ensures better air quality.

Ideal for


Room Air Purifier is highly essential in theatre where people are made to sit very closely and maintaining social distance is quite impossible. People are prone to get infected from one another. Our Room Air Purifier eliminates the bad odour and all types of viruses and microbial load present in the air and thus makes the air sterile.

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