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Air Treatment
Oxidizes smoke & odour instantly
Sterilize bacteria, virus & molds
Pleasant ambience
Prevent health effects
Reduced outside air demand
Bottled Water
Strongest in disinfection
Removes odours, colours and toxins
Oxidizes metals and organic matter
Ozone increases shelf life
Improves taste of the water
Swimming Pool
100% chemical free pool
No eye and skin irritation
No hair loss
Crystal clear bluish water
Feels like spring water every time
Sewage Water Treatment
BOD and COD reduction
TSS and Turbidity reduction
Colour and Odour removal
Removes all micro organisms
Reusable in gardening, irriagation etc
Effluent Water Treatment
BOD and COD reduction
Removes color and odour
Removes organic & inorganic matters
Kills all micro organisms
Enhances flocculation / coagulation
Huge electricty savings
Reduced cycle time
Water savings
Detergent savings
Complete disinfection
ORP level is vastly increased
Sterilizes the water & soil surface
Results in no chemicals or by products
Increased production yield
Sterilizes bacteria, virus & molds
Cooling Tower
No storage of dangerous chemicals
No additional disinfection
Increase the pumping efficiency
Higher efficiency of heat exchangers
Effective in a wide pH range
Reduced water usage
Faster Growth Rates
Reduction of Waterborne Diseases
Higher Standard of Environmental Control
Supplements other Treatment Processes
No need of chlorine or chemicals
100% reduction of E.coli
Automatic operation
No consumables required
Very safe technology
Kitchen Duct
Continuous fat removal
Continuous smell removal
Reaches all areas of the duct
Destroys bacteria
Low maintenance & Easy to implement
Food Processing
100% removes bacteria, virus & fungus
Chemical free
Keep food fresh
Maintains freshness of food items
Easy operation and zero maintenance
Cold Storage
Increases shelf life of the food quality
Controls Air & surface borne microbiological
Surface sanitation can be maintained
Maintain an Odour free cold storage area
Eliminate mold and bacteria growth

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