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    Say Goodbye to Bacteria, Viruses
    and Peasticides with Ozone Washing

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100% Safe Food with Just 15 Minutes Ozone Wash

When you taste a fruit, When you cut vegetables, When you cook a good fish or meat recipe, You wonder how safe all of it is. The biggest invaders at your home are often invisible. Soap and handwash can eliminate bacteria, viruses and toxins. But how do you make vegetables, fruits, fish and meat?

Presenting Faraday ozodip. A patented ozone-based food detoxifier that cleans and detoxifies the surface of vegetables, fruits, fish and meat quickly.

Why Buy Ozodip?

Ozodip Veg & Meat Detoxifier enables safe and effective washing of fruits, vegetables and meat with just a PRESS OF A BUTTON IN JUST 15 MINUTES. It uses chemical-free OZONE PURIFICATION GREEN TECHNOLOGY to remove pesticides, dirt, chemicals, bacteria, fungus & viruses. It is compact and you can simply VELCRO it on the wall specially designed for kitchens. Achieve 100% food safety in a simple step with Ozodip purifier !


Proven Benefits of Ozone Purifier Technology



Ozone increases the shelf life by reducing microbial spoilage and weight loss of fruits and vegetables.

100% SAFE

Ozone does not alter the flavour of vegetables and fruits as it decomposes into oxygen after the process of purification.


Ozone produce greater lethality rates for microorganisms than chlorine or other sanitizing agents.


Dissolved ozone effectively removes high concentrations of residual pesticides and chemicals.


Potential of ozone is 1.5 – 3000 times higher than other available sanitizers in the market.


Compact size occupies very minimal space in your modern kitchen as a niche product.


Ozone is approved by USDA and FDA for use as an antimicrobial agent in food processing.


Using oxygen, ozone is generated, so it does not require any service or replacement parts.


Choose your Ozodip

Ozodip comes in three variants which are shiny and sophisticated !



Ozodip 2SD is a black shiny metallic version. It has a start button with a programmed function of 15 minutes for detoxification.



Ozodip 2SS is a stainless-steel version. It has a start button with a programmed function of 15 minutes for detoxification.



Ozodip 2DX is a golden shiny metallic version. It has a smart display function to operate it as per your requirement.

Ozodip Specifications

You can see the difference by comparing the models to choose your ozodip




Colour Charcoal black Steel Finish Beige
Material MS Liquid Coated Stainless Steel MS Liquid Coated
Dimension (LxWxH) mm 155 x 43 x 131 155 x 43 x 131 175 x 43 x 156
Weight gram 800 870 970
Power Consumption 6 W 6 W 8 W
Operation 15 minutes 15 minutes 5 - 30 minutes

100% Safe Food Guaranteed

Plain water is not effective in removing chemicals, some bacteria & some viruses. OZONE Technology is the best green technology to get rid of impurities !



Ozone is an ideal choice for removing residual pesticides and chemcials from vegetables. Oxidizing actions of ozone can breakdown toxic chemicals on food making them biodegradable and improves shelf life. Ozone has been shown to improve taste and appearance of fresh cut salad while controlling food borne pathogens.



Ozone is a cleanest, eco-friendly, safest and most effective sterilizing agent. Ozone eliminates harmful bacteria and neutralizes toxic pesticides on fruits. It lowers counts of spoilage microorganisms in wash water and fruits surface, and hence fruits stay fresh twice as longer. Ozone does not affect the color, quality or texture of fruits.



Meats are highly perishable due to bacterial contamination, and in the worst case scenario, the contamination can cause food poisoning. Ozone inhibits the growth of coliform and total aerobic and anaerobic bacteria in meat during refrigerated storage.



It is important to eliminate human pathogens from fresh product, especially fresh seafood. Ozone kills pathogenic E-coli and similar organisms on the surface of seafood. Ozone improves quality and shelf life of the seafood and seafood products by weeks, compared to the normal five to seven day shelf life.



Dry cleaning of cereals has a poor cleaning effect on the surface dust, microorganism, eggs and insect pest. Dissolved ozone can be used in the washing of cereal grains to inactivate microorganisms. Washing cereals with ozonated water will not alter chemical, physical or rheological properties.


Packaged Foods

Dissolved ozone can be used to wash packaged foods through which any type of virus can easily spread. As the viruses stay longer on surfaces, washing with ozone prevents transmission of any type of virus. It's always a good idea - even when there's no pandemic - to rinse store bought packaged foods to reduce the risk level.



FAQS of Our Veg & Meat Detoxifier

The product is absolutely safe for anyone to use, irrespective of the age group. The product is of great help because it doesn’t only cleanse the vegetable you eat but also the fruits you love consuming.

The Veg & Meat Detoxifier uses ozone purification technology to get rid of every other harmful substance left over of the harvesting process.

Place the vegetable or fruit to be washed in a bowl filled with water. Switch on the machine, it will run for the preset time and turn off automatically.

The detoxifier works in a way where they kill the excess of any harmful substances while retaining the nutrients which are required by the body or for instance, the nutrients the food items itself possess. Also, the technology doesn’t lead to any loss in the taste of the items while extending the life of the vegetable or fruits.

By removing harmful chemicals and bacteria from the food, the Veg & Meat Detoxifier keeps the food items fresh for a longer time.

The detoxifier is capable of purifying each and every food like fruits, vegetables, cereals and lentils. The detoxifier will get rid of every harmful particle present in such food items. Additionally, you can also ozonize and purify various types of meat including chicken. You can be assured you are going to consume a healthy product after you ozonize them in the detoxifier for the required time duration. Make sure you wash the items after you have taken them out of the detoxifier, in clean water before finally cooking them.

All the Veg & Meat Detoxifier run on electricity. You can plug the detoxifier in any of the normal electric sockets and get going.

No. It is mandatory to submerge the stone diffuser in the bowl filled with water and it should not be dislodged while in use. Hence, it should not be used outside water.

No, you should not be using the same water for any other purposes. It should strictly be discarded after use.

No, there are no addition consumable parts in the detoxifier and neither are there any additional maintenance charges which come along with the etoxifier. The only charge you may incur is if your product fails to operate. You will have to contact the company for the repairs in case you face any issues. Although the warranty will take you for a time, at the end of the warranty you will have to pay charges for service, damages or sometimes for part replacement, as applicable.

No, the detoxifier have absolutely no side effect as the technology is not in respect of using any other chemical to get rid of the present chemicals, but is a way of reducing the effect of the chemicals by cleansing and purifying the food items. It sterilizes the items, getting rid of all the harmful chemicals, pesticides and insecticides. You need not worry about the side effects as the detoxifier done have any.

There is absolutely no reason for the detoxifier being a bad investment. Eating healthy is the absolute need of the hour, especially with all the challenging health conditions people have been facing. You need to be extra cautious and try to adopt every way possible which helps your body gain extra nutrients and proteins. Hence, this detoxifier is actually a pretty good way of retaining all your daily intake proteins. This is absolutely a great investment because the maintenance cost is nil and there is no additional consumable item requirement.

You get minimum of 1 year warranty. If you incur any losses or issues while in the period of warranty you can contact the company easily as the company stays in touch quite often.

Leaders in Innovation

We Faraday Ozone, Leader of ozone technology in Water and Air treatment. We are ISO 9001 and CE Certified Company with 23 years of expertise in treating the Air & Water (Drinking & Waste Water). Faraday Ozone successfully serving Industries viz., Agriculture, Aquaculture, Education, Hospitality, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverages, Consumer & Government Projects etc., Our products are exported to 50+ countries with major market share across Europe and GCC Regions. All the major components and technologies in the machines are designed in our own R&D and manufactured by us at Coimbatore-India.



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