PSA Oxygen Generator


Faraday OxyMo PSA Oxygen Generator separates oxygen from compressed air by utilizing pressure swing absorpiton principle. Zeolite selectively isolates oxygen molecules from the compressed air. It is equipped with an automatic start and stop function. It offers from 90% to 95% oxygen purity to meet quality requirements. It is perfectly suited for various applications such as health care, glass industry, aquaculture, waste water treatment and many more.

  • Cost effective on-site oxygen generation
  • No operating personnel required
  • Exact purity and quality
  • Quick start up and fully integrated package
  • High quality lithium based sieve

Product Overview

Our OxyMo PSA Oxygen Generator delivers exact purity directly to your application and offers a cost-effective, reliable and safe alternative to traditional oxygen gas supplies such as cylinders or cryogenic liquid.

Our OxyMo PSA Oxygen Generator is of premium quality with the lowest energy consumption on the market. Quick start up and fully automatic function ensures continuous and uninterrupted supply with guaranteed purity. High grade of lithium based molecular sieve absorbs the nitrogen in the air and passed the oxygen out of the vessel at the desired purity.

It uses oxygen modules that incorporate proven pressure swing adsorption (PSA) principle into a unique patented design, which is far more compact, efficient and rugged. This process provides a constant flow of Oxygen for many applications. Our PSA Oxygen Generator includes Screw Air Compressor, Particulate Filter, Air Dryer, Pre Filter, Fine Filter, Carbon Filter, Air Receiver Tank, PSA Generator, Oxygen Tank and Oxygen Filter. The design is made for round the clock 24/7 operation.

Cost savings

  • Less operating and maintenance expenses
  • No more cylinders refill and delivery costs
  • No excess paying for oxygen on demand

On-site oxygen

  • Produce oxygen at your place anytime
  • Your choice of generating oxygen quantity
  • Continuous oxygen deliver round the clock

Exact oxygen purity

  • Offers 90% to 95% high purity oxygen
  • Excellent quality value for money
  • High quality lithium based molecular sieve

Ready to use

  • Plug and play the oxygen generator
  • No specialist personnel require to operate
  • Quick start up and fully integrated
Air Compressor
Screw type oil-free air compressor is used to feed air for the oxygen generation
Refrigerated Air Dryer
Air dryer is used to remove the water vapour from the compressed by cooling it
Pre Filter
Coarse particles are filtered out up to a 5 micron level and above
Fine Filter
Also called as secondary filter takes care of the fine particles in the compressed air
Carbon Filter
Carbon filter takes care of gases present in the compressed air
Air Receiver Tank
Temporary storage tank used to store compressed air before it enters into the piping system
PSA Generator
Separates oxygen from compressed air through PSA technology with zeolite molecular sieve
Oxygen Tank
Oxygen produced is sent through the oxygen tank

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Working Principle

Air contains 21% oxygen, 78% nitrogen, 0.9% argon and 0.1% other gases. PSA Oxygen is designed to separate the nitrogen and oxygen from the air. In this technology a zeolite based molecular sieve is used to absorb nitrogen to deliver oxygen at a purity greater than 93%.

Two vessels filled with zeolite molecular sieve act as absorbers. Compressed air passes through the first absorber during which the molecular sieve traps nitrogen and allows oxygen to flow. When the first absorber gets filled with nitrogen, the air flow is switched to the second absorber. As the second absorber separates oxygen from nitrogen, the first absorber vents its nitrogen into the atmosphere. Compressed air is once again fed into first absorber and the process repeated continuously and a constant flow of oxygen is produced.


OxyMo Advantages

  • The process of the PSA technology is an extremely clean operation
  • PSA oxygen generator is guaranteed for an uninterrupted supply of oxygen
  • Avoid processing on the dependency of the oxygen cylinders
  • PSA is a cost-efficient process for producing oxygen
  • OxyMo PSA oxygen generator produce 90-95% high purity oxygen
  • Very reliable for continuous and constant oxygen purity
  • High efficient molecular sieves comes for longevity

OxyMo Features

  • Oxygen Purity Analyzer
  • Oxygen delivery Pressure Monitoring
  • Feed Gas Pressure and Temperature Monitoring
  • PLC and HMI interface, Continuous availability
  • Preventive Maintenance Support
  • Automatic Start / Stop
  • Easy to install and maintain

​Extended Warranty Upto 1 Year

Our OxyMo PSA Oxygen Generator are robust and reliable which offer a no-hassle 1 year warranty. We are confident enough on our technology and warranty covers for core materials like compressor and PSA oxygen generator comes for longevity.

Technical Specification

Model OxyMo-120 OxyMo-240 OxyMo-360 OxyMo-480 OxyMo-960
Capacity 120 LPM 240 LPM 360 LPM 480 LPM 960 LPM
Nm³/Hr O2 @ 93% 7.2 14.4 21.6 28.8 57.6
Purity 90 - 95% 90 - 95% 90 - 95% 90 - 95% 90 - 95%
Air Compressor 62 cfm 7 - 10 bar 150 cfm 7 - 10 bar 200 cfm 7 - 10 bar 270 cfm 7 - 10 bar 510 cfm 7 - 10 bar
Air Dryer 80 cfm 150 cfm 200 cfm 300 cfm 510 cfm
Air Receiver Tank 500 ltr 1000 ltr 1500 ltr 2000 ltr 4000 ltr
Product Tank 320 ltr 500 ltr 750 ltr 1000 ltr 2000 ltr

Recent OxyMo Generator Installations

Sub district Hospital, Mumbai

PSA 1200 LPM Oxygen Plant

GE BE Health care Pvt Ltd, Bangalore

PSA 100 LPM Oxygen Plant

Lakshmi card clothing, Tamil Nadu

PSA 250 LPM Oxygen Plant

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Product Certification

We design and manufacture our products in all level of quality standards and specifications which has been patented, quality tested and certified which guaranteed best quality product in the market.


The OxyMo oxygen generator separates oxygen from the compressed air through Pressure Swing Absorption (PSA) technology. The PSA technology generates oxygenvia zeolite based molecular sieve which absorb mainly nitrogen to deliver oxygen.

PSA oxygen generator has filters that have recommended replacement about every 6000 hours under 24/7 operation. Additionally, valves will have to be rebuilt every few years. The majority of the maintenance will involve the service of the air compressor recommended by the air compressor manufacturer.

Faraday’s PSA Oxygen generator contains high quality lithium based sieve used for most of the products, ISO: 13485 Certified to fulfill the quality standards set for medical equipment, EN 60601-1:2012, ISO 80601-2-69 : 2-014, IEC 60601-1-2:2014 type tested systems, minimum of 1 - 3 years warranty depending on the system, metal body to ensure durability in spite of heavy usage, one among the 5 firms chosen for supply of oxygen concentrator under the PM Care.

The molecular sieve life comes for more than 10 to 20 years depending upon the feed air quality.

PSA oxygen generator is completely safe to use as it just takes atmospheric air to deliver oxygen on-site at desired purity and there is no need to store or to use cylinders.

The oxygen purity from OxyMo oxygen generator can range from 90 to 95%

Warranty of PSA oxygen generator is 1 year.

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