OZOCLAVE - Plasma Sterilizier

OZOCLAVE - An Innovative personal benchtop Plasma Steriliser from FaradayOzone, It helps to sterilize heat and moisture sensitive medical devices . It works on the principle of ozone plasma based on low-temperature sterilization.

OZOCLAVE is affordable, easy to use steriliser for infection protection and sterilization of small instruments. OZOCLAVE helps you to sterilize and disinfect laboratory tools, personal items and personal protective equipment. The OZOCLAVE utilizes anti-microbial properties of ozone to kill 99.7% of 650 types of pathogenic organisms in less than 15 minutes at ambient temperature.

Ozone sterilization is a process based on the ozone injection in a sterilization chamber at an ambient temperature. Ozone sterilization is safe and fast, and also an economical alternative to low-temperature sterilization. Faraday Ozone makes no claims and offers no guarantees of any kind that OZOCLAVE cycle(s) will eliminate 100% of all contaminants under all possible circumstances.

Ozone Sterilization Process

High voltage electric energy applied to split the Oxygen molecule. The resulting Oxygen atom seeking ability to attact with other Oxygen molecule which forms the Ozone gas. Ozone also called as trioxygen, contains three Oxygen atoms, which is safe and environmentally friendly. Ozone gas kills bacteria, viruses, odours and other contaminants in the air and disappers rapidy.

ozone-sterilization-process-in-the-air ozone-sterilization-process-in-the-air


An ozone sterilizer is able to harness the unique powers of ozone by producing it inside the sterilizer from the ambient air, by applying electrical energy to combine O2 with O to form O3. This capability is well-suited for sterilizing delicate medical devices, like endoscopes, that cannot withstand the high heat and humidity of standard steam autoclaving. Approved by the FDA in 2003 as a new sterilization process for low-temperature sterilization, its microbial efficacy has been proven with a variety of microorganisms, including the most resistant Geobacillus stearothermophilus, (which is often the bacterium of choice for biological indicators).


Ozone is a unique antimicrobial agent. In fact, it is the most aggressive oxidizing antimicrobial agent known to man. Ozone is formed by applying electrical energy to the oxygen molecule, which splits some portion of those oxygen molecules in half, into singlets of O. Those single O atoms attach to O2 for a very short time period, becoming O3, which has a half-life in its natural state of about 20 minutes before, on its own, it converts back to oxygen by releasing its singlet of O. During that active phase as ozone, it reacts to any organic compound by oxidizing double carbon bonds. So, unlike a lot of other disinfection sterilization technologies, in the act of literally taking a cell membrane apart, in destroying the cell, it converts itself back to oxygen which is a very benign waste product. If you look at water that has been disinfected with a chlorinated compound versus ozone, you’ll see dead microorganisms in the chlorinated water. If the water has been treated correctly with ozone you should literally see nothing because it should break it down to just its basic elements which are hydrogen and CO2.


  • Pre programmed Digital Display for easy selection of objects
  • No Chemicals or Consumables to change frequently
  • Built with Ozone Destruction Catalyst device
  • Low Temperature Sterilization
  • Very Low Power Consumption
  • Very Low Noise while operation
  • Achieves upto 4 log reduction
  • Fast Sterilization


ELECTRICAL RATING 230 V AC, 50 Hz, 18 Watts
TECHNOLOGY Ozone - Corona Discharge
DIMENSION (L x W x H) 513 x 403 x 502 mm
WEIGHT 12 kg

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