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Pollutants in the Car

Most of the people invest plenty of time in their car for long commute each day. Regular usage of car, filled with many unseen bacteria, viruses, odour and other contaminants which become more intense if you don’t clean it right away. Faraday features Car Air Disinfection System, which remove all these pollutants from the car and makes your journey better with fresh air.

pollutants-in-the-car pollutants-in-the-car

Ozone Sterilization Process

High voltage electric energy applied to split the Oxygen molecule. The resulting Oxygen atom seeking ability to attact with other Oxygen molecule which forms the Ozone gas. Ozone also called as trioxygen, contains three Oxygen atoms, which is safe and environmentally friendly. Ozone gas kills bacteria, viruses, odours and other contaminants in the air and disappers rapidy.

ozone-sterilization-process-in-the-air ozone-sterilization-process-in-the-air

Breath Fresh Air with Faraday Car Air Disinfection System

Instaclean, a creation of Faraday Ozone, is an innovative portable air disinfection system that can wipe out strong odour or micro organisms in a short span of one hour. At Faraday Ozone, we believe in structuring products with the application of ozone that are simple yet efficient. Our products are designed in a manner that requires no technical skill requires to install and operate.

car-air-sterilizer-unique-air-inlet car-air-sterilizer-unique-air-inlet

Unqiue Air Inlet delivers 360° Fresh Air

Faraday Car Air Disinfection System perfectly absorbs atmospheric air from all the directions. With its Unquie Air Inlet and Pump, suck the air in and pushed it to the air treatment process. Our innovative patented ozone technology treats the pollutant air and delivers the fresh air to every corner of the car.

car-air-sterilizer-smart-detection-and-display car-air-sterilizer-smart-detection-and-display

Smart Detection and Display

Our Innovation patented ozone technology detect the air quality and kills the bacteria, viruses (inculding coronavirus), odours and other contaminants from the pollutant air. A digital display allow to select the required treatment time and starts the purification process.

car-air-sterilizer-easy-to-move-anywhere car-air-sterilizer-easy-to-move-anywhere

Easy to move anywhere

Our Car Air Disinfection System is easy to move everywhere at everytime. It has a beautiful handheld holder which is easy to hold and move wherever you want to treat the air in the car. A ON/OFF Switch presented near to the holder, after first usage, use ON/OFF directly to run the machine unless you want to change the treatment time.

car-air-sterilizer-perform-effectively car-air-sterilizer-perform-effectively

Performs Effectively

Our Car Air Disinfection System quickly purfies the air from the ozone output, reaches every corner of the car. Ozone Output Fan work fastly and circulate clean air all over the car. To Purify the Car Air Conditioner - Connect the tube in the ozone outlet of the machine and place other end of tube in the Car AC system.

How it works ?

  • Turn on the car air conditioning
  • Place the car air purifier inside the car
  • Connect the 12 VDC Power Cord in the cigarette lighter port & select the timing
  • The timings can be selected based on the strength of the smell
  • It will automatically turn off after the preset time
  • Open all doors to allow the excess ozone gas if any to dissipate
  • Wait for at least 30 minutes with all the doors wide open before getting inside the car
  • Disinfection gets completed, disconnect the power cord and turn off the AC System


MODEL Instaclean 50 Instaclean 100
ELECTRICAL RATING 12 V DC, 15 Watts 12 V DC, 18 Watts
OPERATING METHOD Digital Timer with Adjustable Options Digital Timer with Adjustable Options
IDEAL FOR 3 cars / day 10 cars / day
DIMENSION (L x W x H) 111 x 303 x 200 in mm 151 x 353 x 230 in mm
WEIGHT 2.7 kg 4.8 kg
FREE ACCESSORIES Power Cord and Silicon Tube Power Cord and Silicon Tubes

Place it anywhere in the car

Place the Car Air Disinfection System inside the car, connect it with 12 V DC cigarette lighter port,
set the timing in the display and close all the windows, doors of the car. It is mandatory people must leave the car.

FAQS of Our Car Air Disinfection System

Car Air Disinfection System is an ozone generator used to get rid of these odors and bacteria spread in the cars.

Have we ever given a thought to the air pollutants that may be present in car cabins? Thanks to congested roads and traffic jams, we spend quite a lot of time inside the car cabin. The toxic air in the car cabin can do a lot of harm to your respiratory system. Children are at a higher risk of suffering from the harmful effects of air pollution in the car cabin. Hence it is highly necessary to have Car Air Disinfection System.

Ozone is an oxidant, through biochemical reactions to rapidly destroy the structure of microbial membranes, it can kill various bacteria, viruses and fungi, remove odor and hazardous substance.

Ozone Car Air Disinfection System eliminate bacteria, viruses and fungi, airborne irritants and hazardous substance (VOCs), and removes cigarette/cigar smoke & pet odors, smells caused by spills, including vomit, milk, body odor, urine, feces, and other foul substances containing bacteria that causes an odor in the first place. Also it prevents unwanted odor embed in upholstery, carpets and ceiling in a new car.

The process of sterilizing your car is very easy. Please the ozone generator in the car for a chosen time depending upon the intensity of the odor. As the ozone enters the car, it can penetrate far under seats, inside vents, saturate upholstery fibers, and reach all the crannies and nooks that you’re not able see. Ozone treatment also removes the odor virtually soaked into the fabric, which is hard remove even if you use shampoos.

Please use an extension outlet when you run ozone generators inside the car. It needs to be plugged into an outlet.

No, it does not have significant affect. As long as there is no blockage to the air inlet and outlet, the cleaning performance won't be affected by different locations in the vehicle.

Installing our Car Air Disinfection System is as easy as plugging the device into your car’s cigarette light socket.

The normal air purifiers trap the pollutants in the filter which has to be monitored, cleaned and changed frequently. But our Car Air Disinfection System releases ozone gas to eliminate bad odors. No maintenance is required like normal air purifiers.

Yes, sure. It can sterilize your air conditioning system as well.

Our Ozone car air sterilizer removes fine particulate pollutants and toxics gases with its powerful oxidation technology, which standard CAFs are unable to do.

Car Air Disinfection System will automatically shut down after two hours of continuous running, to avoid draining the car battery. To restart your device, press the power button.

We strictly advice you to remove the pets and plants (if any) during the sterilization process.

Leaders in Innovation

We Faraday Ozone, Leader of ozone technology in Water and Air treatment. We are ISO 9001 and CE Certified Company with 23 years of expertise in treating the Air & Water (Drinking & Waste Water). Faraday Ozone successfully serving Industries viz., Agriculture, Aquaculture, Education, Hospitality, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverages, Consumer & Government Projects etc., Our products are exported to 50+ countries with major market share across Europe and GCC Regions. All the major components and technologies in the machines are designed in our own R&D and manufactured by us at Coimbatore-India.



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